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University of Wisconsin rated top employer in Wisconsin, study finds

University of Wisconsin employs 39,000 workers in Wisconsin, making it the largest employer in the state, according to a recent analysis by the website 24/7 Wall St.

Wisconsin ranks 25th highest for its share of structurally deficient bridges

Wisconsin finished 25th among the 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., in a new analysis examining which states have the highest percentage of bridges in poor condition.

Wisconsin finishes 11th on best state ranking

Wisconsin was ranked the 11th best state in the nation, based on criteria such as health care, public education and economic growth, according to a new analysis by U.S. News.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau President 'very hopeful' Congress will move soon on USMCA

The lifting of steel and aluminum tariffs between the United States, Canada and Mexico last weekend could spur Wisconsin's Congressional delegation to more firmly support the Trump administration's new trade deal, the president of a leading state farming advocacy group said.

VP Pence pushes proposed new trade deal during Eau Claire stop

American manufacturing is seeing new life under President Donald Trump and the economic climate will get even better under the administration's proposed U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement, Vice President Mike Pence said during a promotion stop in Eau Claire last week.

Analysis: IRS audit rate for Menominee County residents is highest in Wisconsin

Menominee County residents were audited by the Internal Revenue Service at a greater rate than similar jurisdictions in Wisconsin, according to an analysis by the website 24/7 Wall St.

Analysis: State and local tax burden in Wisconsin is 7th highest in U.S.

On a scale of lowest to highest, the state and local effective tax rate for Wisconsin ranks 45th in the nation, according to a new study of tax burdens imposed by the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Analysis: Wisconsin ranks 12th highest on state cigarette taxes

The state cigarette taxes charged in Wisconsin ranked 12th in the nation, according to a new analysis from the Tax Foundation based on 2016 data.

Average tax refund in Wisconsin ranks 5th lowest in the nation

Average federal tax refunds in Wisconsin ranked 46th highest among the 50 states, according to a new analysis from the website 24/7 Wall St.

U.S. Term Limits Praises Mark Stalker for Signing Pledge

U.S. Term Limits (USTL), the leader in the national, non-partisan movement to limit terms for elected officials, is gathering support from state lawmakers across the nation.

Wisconsin posts 5th highest property tax rate in new national study

Wisconsin ranked 47th in the nation in a recent WalletHub analysis of property tax rates among the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Analysis: Forest County has fastest growing local economy in Wisconsin

Forest County was ranked the top-performing local economy in Wisconsin in a Wall St. 24/7 analysis of counties’ gross domestic product growth from 2012 to 2015.

Analysis: Mid-range earners in Wisconsin rank 18th highest on federal tax cut benefits

Middle-range income earners in Wisconsin ranked 18th in the nation in terms of how they benefited from the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, according to a new Tax Foundation analysis.

Wisconsin ranks 19th highest for state-imposed gas taxes

Wisconsin finished 19th in a ranking of the taxes and fees that states place on gasoline, according to the Washington-based Tax Foundation.

Analysis: Wisconsin ranks 6th least reliant on federal aid

Wisconsin finished 45th in a study by the Tax Foundation examining which states rely most on federal aid funding as a percentage of their general-fund revenue.

Analysis: Wisconsin ranks 35th best in corporate tax study

Wisconsin finished Wisconsin in a study by the Tax Foundation examining which states have the most business-friendly corporate income tax structures.

Analysis: Wisconsin ranks 12th worst in state income tax study

Wisconsin finished 39th in a new study by the Tax Foundation ranking which states have the most business-friendly income tax structures.

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